Thursday, February 15, 2007

Squalling brats and servers that don't care

I go out to eat occasionally with the family. I might go out more often, but I get tired of listening to some brat squall while its parents ignore it. These are the same little wastes of space that grow up to be noisy and rude mall rats. The parents don't care, and the schools aren't allowed to teach them basic manners. We went out this weekend and were treated to a chorus of screams and screeches as we tried to eat. The other problem is the attitude of the servers. When I place an order I specify how I want the meal cooked. Take breakfast for instance. I don't like runny eggs and I don't like undercooked bacon. I specify "eggs scrambled dry" and "crisp bacon." Most of the time the eggs can be consumed through a straw and the bacon is Triconosis on a plate. Forget the hashbrowns, they either scare them with the word "fire" or manage to burn them to a crisp on one side while leaving one side raw. The primary responsibility for a properly prepared meal rests with the cook, but the server should always check the order before delivering it to the customer. Theirs is the ultimate responsibility. Add the improperly prepared food to a server that disappears after it's been delivered and you have the makings of a poor dining experience. I've even had to get up from the table after my meal was delivered and find my own silverware and condiments. I'm not rude when I order. I make sure the server understands me in case the noise from the squalling brats drowns out my request, and I tip in excess of 20 percent. I am regular customer at a couple of places where I receive good service, properly prepared food, and hopefully a reasonably quiet meal. I don't blame the restaurant for the brats, that blame rest squarely on the parents. I do blame the restaurant (cook, server, and manager) for poor service and food. Some day, maybe restaurants will learn that their business will improve when the food and the service improves. Probably not, but I can hope.


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